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Anti-Defying Oil Nº1

Revolutionary development of the unique and natural amber anti-aging oil has become a real weapon on fighting against unwanted skin changes. A variety of natural oils such as plant oil, Baltic amber terpenes and essential oils have special characteristics which help for reducing age related skin changes. They have wonderful transforming effects like, face lifting, contouring, restoring smoothness and providing a radiant texture of mature skin.

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This is 100% natural amber powder used as an exfoliator on the upper layers of the skin. It has a gentle and effective exfoliating effect that improves complexion and texture of the skin. The amber powder is used as an activator for facial masks, scrubs and on its own. Mix it with your favorite mask, cleansing lotion, or wet it with warm water and apply on the skin. Wash it away after 15 mins. Lastly, apply moisturizer and enjoy the result!

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A magical detox facial cream for radiant skin. This cream is made from combinations of natural extracts which help eliminate toxins, relive stress and leave you with healthy skin. Ingredients like, raspberry, apple, grape, ylang ylang and walnut are plant extracts and essential oils which help with the result of anti-aging and detoxifying the skin. Other ingredients such as, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C help reduce pigmentation; gives an even tone and fresh-looking skin. D-panthenol, silk proteins and bisabolol moisturize, nourish and soothe the skin giving a refined appearance. To top it off, coenzyme Q10 and amber acid rejuvenate the skins epidermis.

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Amber Anti-Aging Face Mask is a perfect solution for tired aged skin. Natural ingredients and essential oils such as, macadamia oil, grape seed and almond help with skin rejuvenation and smoothing, whilst other extracts like birch, rosehip and lemon that are paired with coenzyme Q10 improve derma firmness and elasticity of the skin. The face mask also acts as an exfoliator and enhances the complexion. A must-have product for dull skin.

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We have prepared a detailed guide of the ingredients used in our skincare products. You can check what is used and what effect each component provides. 

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Morning Routine Guide

See our recommendations of using antiageskinscareshop products in the morning and during the day to do our best to protect our skin from the aggressive environment conditions.


Night Routine Guide

Our skin demands for special attention at night when all resources of our organism are focused on relaxation and recuperation. That’s the best time we can choose to get rid of the stressful factors of the day passed.


Weekly Routine Guide

As much as we care about our skin on a daily basis, we need little more effort with a superpower touch once or twice in a week to keep our skin in immaculate condition. We do have our special boosters to achieve this aim.