4 Best Skincare Products for Acne-Prone Skin

4 Best skincare products for acne-prone skin in our amber skincare products collection are Amber Oil, Anti-Blemish Clarifying Face Cream N4, Anti-Blemish Clarifying Face Oil N4 and Amber Powder. They make wonders with irritated blemished skin providing an accelerated result.

Amber oil is a combination of terpene complexes and other hydrocarbons obtained from natural Baltic amber and it provides a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic effect. Due to its healing properties Amber oil is part of most skincare products in our store and recommended for irritated, acne-prone skin and for treatment of scars, stretch marks and other wounds. However, because of the high concentration of active substances it should not be used undiluted, but shall be mixed with creams or other oils. Amber oil is a first aid treatment for a growing pimple. Take a required amount of your favorite oil or cream, add a drop or two of amber oil, mix it thoroughly and apply to the inflamed area.

100% natural Baltic amber powder is a perfect cleanser that is used as a gentle scrub for the acne-prone skin. It delicately removes dead skin cells and cleanses contaminated pores without inflamed skin further irritation. Amber powder contains tens of different organic compounds including terpenes and its derivatives, and organic acids like succinic and abietic acids – the combination of which provides exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin, improving complexion, refreshing, softening and rejuvenating skin cells. An additional benefit is that amber powder protects the skin from the aggressive UV impact preparing the skin for sunbathing as it reduces the risk of carcinogenic exposure to sunlight.

Anti-Blemish Clarifying Face Cream №4 is a day and night cream and also can be a makeup base. Because of the complexes of highly-effective natural components like azelaic  acid, D-panthenol, hyaluronic acid – the cream provides a normalizing, calming, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect and contributes to the blemishes elimination and rashes and irritations removal.

  • Azelaic acid and hyaluronic acid – provide normalizing and calming effect.
  • Black cumin oil, primrose oil, hazelnut oil – sooth and soften irritated skin, relieve irritation and redness, regulate fat balance and narrow pores.
  • Coenzyme Q10 and amber (succinic) acid – stimulate metabolic processes on a cell level; has inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect.
  • D-panthenol and silk proteins – hydrate and moisturize sensitive inflamed skin.

Anti-Blemish Clarifying Face Oil №4 is an essential part of acne-prone skincare routine as it helps reduce the amount of persistent acne and regulate sebaceous glands work providing an immediate effect. Baltic amber derivatives, essential oils, Natural oils and extracts work gently but effectively on skin cleansing and restoring, fighting acne and healing inflamed skin.

  • Baltic Amber terpenes, Coenzyme Q10 – has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant; it accelerates the skin regeneration process.
  • Black cumin oil – eliminates acne appearance, puffiness; it provides deep cleansing effect.
  • Evening primrose oil – provide post-acne liquidation.
  • Hazelnut oil – soothes and mattifies the skin.

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