SkinCare Routine

Cleansing – this is a crucial step of any skincare routine. During night and day, our skin accumulates secretion products (waste products) of the sebaceous glands and leftovers of the nighttime skincare products. These harmful substances can clog pores due to oil, dirt and makeup and contribute to the appearance of blackheads, white heads and acne. Hydrophilic Face Oil with natural ingredients and extracts is a perfect gentle cleanser to be used at all time: morning and night as a cleanser. It is also used as a makeup remover. This cleanser helps release dead skin cells and clear pores, this gives the skin a more refined look.

Toning – it finalizes the cleansing process and prepares the skin for further beauty manipulation. Our Face Oil which includes amber terpenes and natural ingredients helps tone, soothe, lift, heal, moisturize and intensify protective functions of the epidermis. It removes excess dirt leftover from the cleansing process. We have a variety of oils for different skin types and purposes, these oils do not clog pores or leave greasy marks. Moreover, our eye contour oil can become a great alternative to an eye cream or work together to have a stronger effect of eliminating wrinkles, dark circles and crows feet.

Moisturizing – this is the final process of any skincare routine. Our Face Oils help moisturize the skin, it can be applied on its own or in combination with a face cream. Moisturizers help with preventing and treating dry skin, protect sensitive skin, improve skin texture and mask imperfections. Moisturizing your skin is extremely important as it can prevent the development of dry and oily skin. Both are harmful as they can cause a variety of skin problems such as acne, blackheads and whiteheads.