SkinCare Routine

Cleansing – is the step that can not be skipped as during the night our skin accumulates secretion products of the sebaceous glands and leftovers of the night skin care products. These substances can block pores and contribute to the appearance of black dots. Hydrophilic Face Oil with amber and natural ingredients is a perfect gentle cleanser to be used at all times: morning and night. It is also used as make up remover.

Toning – finalizes the cleansing step and prepares the skin for further beauty manipulations. While it is recommended to use tonic for this purpose, we would rather offer to apply a face oil with amber terpenes and natural ingredients that does not only tones the skin, but combines other amazing benefits like soothing, lifting, healing, moisturizing, intensifying protective functions of the epidermis and many others. Depending on the purpose you can choose the right oil for your skin type. It’s worth noting that our oils do not block pores and leave greasy marks. Moreover, eye contour oil can become a great alternative to an eye cream or they can work in a combination to provide a stronger effect.

Moisturizing – even though face oil provides moisturizing effect of full value and can be applied on its own, the best result will be achieved in combination with the face cream.