Amber Essential Oil

It’s a real first-aid treatment for inflamed irritated skin. Amber Essential oil provides anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action and is considered to be a must-have in your cosmetic bag. Due to coenzyme Q10, plant extracts, bisabolol and amber oil can also be used as essential oil in face, body and hair cosmetics.

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Our skincare products are not tested on animals. 


We do not use paraben and other preservatives in our products.

Natural components

We only use the combination of amber terpenes, natural and essential oils, and plants extracts in our products.

Baltic Amber

Natural Baltic Amber famous for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties is used in treatment of stressed irritated skin. 

The process of amber oil production involves amber melting under the temperature of around 350 C. Alike essential oils, especially ones produced from coniferous trees, amber oil consists of terpenes and other hydrocarbons, and stands out by its sharp resinous aroma. Amber oil has an anti-inflammatory antiseptic effect and also works perfectly well for wound healing and acne problems. Acne, blemishes, scar marks, stretch marks can be perfectly treated by applying amber oil as it accelerates the skin regeneration process. Moreover, amber oil in combination with anti-age products reinforces the effects of mature skin rejuvenation providing firmness and elasticity. For anticellulite, relaxing and restorative purposes – amber oil can be used as the massage oil by mixing it with essential and base cosmetic oils like almond, grape seed, macadamia or jojoba.

Net weight: 2ml

Effect: anti-acne, anti-cellulite, against stretch marks

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