Essentials Set for Sensitive Skin

Get 20% discount on a set for sensitive skin. Products included in the set are Dry & Sensitive Skin Face Cream N3, Dry & Sensitive Skin N3, Anti-Aging Firming Face Mask, Amber Soap Lavender.


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Our skincare products are not tested on animals. 


We do not use paraben and other preservatives in our products.

Natural components

We only use the combination of amber terpenes, natural and essential oils, and plants extracts in our products.

Baltic Amber

Natural Baltic Amber famous for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties is used in treatment of stressed irritated skin. 


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Dry & Sensitive Skin Face Cream №3
1 × Dry & Sensitive Skin Face Cream №3

This is a nourishing & regenerating face cream. This cream is recommended for dry, mature, sensitive and reactive complexions. Provides nutrition, recovery and lifting effect of the skin. This gives the skin firmness, elasticity and the return of natural skin radiance. Of course, it restores the comfort skin feeling. It also resurfaces and plums wrinkles and fine lines, providing sustained and prolonged moisturizing.

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Individuals with dry sensitive skin with allergic reactions will undoubtedly admire this unique oil after the first try. It provides nourishing, regenerating, recovery and lifting effects; improves elasticity and protects from the adverse external influence.

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Lavender Amber Soap has a relaxing aroma of lavender. It also has a warming, toning and regenerating effect. This soap can become a great alternative to any cosmetic soap. It contains a natural component-amber powder, which most effectively removes dirt and dead cells from the skin surface.

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Amber Anti-Aging Firming Face Mask
1 × Anti-Aging Firming Face Mask

This anti-aging firming face mask is made from natural ingredients such as macadamia, sea buckthorn and grape seeds, which all are involved in the process of anti-aging and firming the skin. An anti-aging mask is an effective tool to prevent aging of the face and neck. This anti-aging face mask is able to resist aging and maintain the skin in good condition with regular use. It nourishes and soothes the skin, restores its firmness and elasticity

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