Solid Perfume Nucta

Nucta Solid Perfume is the fragrance, shimmering with an emerald gradient of vanilla and violet. Pleasant goosebumps from powdery apricot and pepper suddenly distract, and you can barely notice the landing on a cloud of relaxation, where almond aroma gives a long-awaited feeling of serene freedom.

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Our skincare products are not tested on animals. 


We do not use paraben and other preservatives in our products.

Natural components

We only use the combination of amber terpenes, natural and essential oils, and plants extracts in our products.

Baltic Amber

Natural Baltic Amber famous for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties is used in treatment of stressed irritated skin. 

Nucta Solid Perfume has Oriental fragrance with notes of apricot, pepper, almond, violet and vanilla. The fragrance opens up on everyone’s skin in different ways, especially for women and men. Due to their organic composition, they can also be applied to the ends of hair and cuticles for hydration and nutrition.

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Soy Wax, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Perfume Composition, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

How To Use

Apply perfume to the wrists and neck area where the pulse is felt.


Do not use if the components are individually intolerant.


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